It was a day where tradition intertwined with modern elegance, a day where every moment was a testament to love and heritage. The Ritz Carlton in Cleveland set the stage for a Syrian wedding that was as luxurious as it was heartfelt, and as a photographer specializing in Middle Eastern weddings, I found myself immersed in a celebration that was as visually stunning as it was culturally rich.

The Bride’s Radiant Beginning

The morning light cascaded through the grand windows of the Ritz Carlton, caressing the silky fabric of the VWIDON wedding dress designed by Carla. The gown hung gracefully, awaiting the bride, promising elegance and simplicity in its every fold. And when the bride donned the dress, her beauty was not just in the make-up artfully done by Nadine Ali, but in the joy that radiated from her being.

A Vision of Elegance

As the bride sat, framed by the window, her serene expression spoke volumes of the day ahead. The tiara sparkled atop her head, a symbol of the new chapter she was about to begin. Her bouquet of white roses, a classic touch, complemented her look perfectly, setting a tone of timeless grace.

The Union Amidst Splendor

When the couple stood together, the room paused in admiration. The bride and groom, enveloped by the soft natural light, shared a quiet moment that embodied the day’s essence. The backdrop of the city through the expansive windows added a cosmopolitan flair to the traditional celebration.

An Ode to Elegance by Touch of Elegance

Sheren from Touch of Elegance Events deserves a special mention for transforming the venue into a dream. The reception area was adorned with lush floral arrangements and elegant décor, creating a luxurious space that invited guests into a world of beauty and sophistication.

The Celebration

The reception was a lively affair, with Hadad Entertainment’s DJ Nibal setting the rhythm of joy. The beats of the traditional drums filled the air, as the dancers engaged the guests in a celebration that was as cultural as it was contemporary.

Capturing Moments That Speak Volumes

Through my lens, I sought to capture the essence of this beautiful amalgamation of love and culture. Each photograph was more than an image; it was a story of families uniting, of traditions being honored, and of a couple stepping into the future with the blessings of their past.

For Those Who Dream of a Cultural Celebration

To the couples dreaming of a wedding that honors their Middle Eastern roots, know that your story deserves to be told with care and beauty. As a photographer with experience in Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian weddings, I am here to capture your day with the sensitivity and splendor it deserves.

This wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland was a beautiful chapter in a lifelong story of love. Let’s tell your story together – reach out to me, and we’ll make sure your wedding day is captured with the same beauty and reverence

To book your wedding photography, please get in touch to schedule a call. Let’s create timeless memories together!

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