We arrived at the Punderson Manor in Windsor, Ohio, one crisp, late-summer morning for Ashley and Paul’s wedding day! As soon as we opened the door to the bridal suite, we were met by a room full of joy, coffee, excited bridesmaids, a puppy, and our beautiful bride Ashley seated in the makeup chair. With chanting and the clinking of Viking drinking horns, the party had officially begun! Once Ashley and Paul were dressed and ready to go, they shared a special first look on the manor grounds and then caravanned with their party to Meadow Ridge Farm. The ceremony was beautiful; the lush green scenery and dramatic sky were accented by twinkle lights and gold accents. Once all their family and friends were gathered, Ashley and Paul were carried by joy and excitement and love through the entire evening. Everyone cheered and danced and hugged and laughed and sang and celebrated until the sparkler sendoff at the end of the night. The whole party erupted with applause when Ashley and Paul broke into a perfect recreation of the signature choreography from Dirty Dancing for their first moments together on the dancefloor! So many moments from that wedding day took our breath away! We wish you two a lifetime of tackling big projects and dreaming up big adventures together! You’re off to an impeccable start!

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