Karan and Roshnee celebrated the start of their marriage in a big, brilliant, and beautiful wedding day in Cleveland, Ohio. The fun began on Friday night with the sangeet—a celebratory event full of singing and dancing, including specially-choreographed performances by the bride and groom for one another, and a spectacular buffet featuring cuisines from around the world.

The festivities continued bright and early on Saturday morning, when, Karan and all of the wedding guests made their way into the ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn of Mayfield Village for the ceremony. Roshnee and Karan, surrounded by the love and support of their community of friends and family, united their lives together forever in a spectacular and sacred fashion. They exchanged floral garlands, offered gifts to one another, recited prayers, and circled the fire together.

When the ceremony concluded and the family enjoyed lunch together, Roshnee changed out of her ruby-red wedding dress and into a peach gown for the reception.

While the ceremony setup was transformed into an elegant reception, we travelled with the bride and groom to the metro parks and Squire’s Castle for some formal portraits with the fall foliage at dusk. It was such a peaceful and beautiful evening!

The reception was spectacular—the dancing was extravagant, the joy was palpable, and the love In Karan and Roshee’s eyes was so sweet and kind! We can’t wait to see where life takes these two wonderful and thoughtful spirirta. We were so happy to witness this most exciting time in their lives.