Capturing Moments of Love:

Marriage Proposal and Engagement Photography + Videography

What we do

We are storytellers of love. Our passion is in capturing the stories of couples embarking on their journey of togetherness.

  • We’ll capture your proposal moment on video and photo.

  • We’ll create cinematic, and emotionally resonant video of your proposal.

  • We’ll create beautiful gallery of photos in both timeless and fresh photography style.

  • We’ll use candid shots, and scenic visuals to create a personalized and heartwarming video.

  • We’ll use multiple cameras and artistic techniques to capture the reactions and emotions of the moment.

Turning Moments Into Memories

At Human Artist Photography and Cinema, we love capturing the magic of love stories, especially engagement and proposal moments, right here in Cleveland and anywhere else in the USA.

Whether it’s a surprise proposal or a story driven engagement session, we mix candid shots with beautiful backdrops to create photos and videos that truly resonate.

Our cinematic style of video brings out the emotions, while our photography balances timeless and fresh looks. With years of experience and using the highest quality cameras and lenses and creative techniques, we make sure every detail and reaction is perfectly captured, turning your special day into a lasting memory.

Love’s Timeless Moments Worth Preserving

We find joy in freezing those ephemeral moments of shared glances, laughter, and tender embraces. These snippets of time, carefully preserved through our lenses, serve as timeless testaments to the bond that a couple in love shares as they step into a new chapter of their lives.

Interested in just photography or just video?

Examples of Our Engagement and Proposal Videos

Forever Session – Downtown Cleveland

Marriage Proposal at Voinovich Bicentennial Park

Cleveland Botanical Garden Marriage Proposal

Forever Session – Highlight Video

Proposal + Forever Session Video

Proposal + Forever Session Video

Marriage Proposal Photography

Let us capture your proposal – it’s like turning that heartwarming story into a visual heirloom that will be cherished and shared for generations. And when you continue with a couple’s photo session, what we fondly call a “forever session,” you are investing in a memory-making experience.

From candid laughter to intimate glances, these sessions encapsulate the connection you share. We’ll produce images that beautifully reflect your love story – images that can adorn your home and your hearts.

The Essential

  • Capture the proposal during a 1-hour session, followed by a brief post-proposal session.
  • 1-minute-long trailer
  • High resolution photographs delivered within 24 hours
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Videographer

Timeless Treasures

  • Capture the proposal on photo and video, then continue with a 90-minute photography and video session.
  • 2-3 minute long film
  • High resolution photographs delivered within 24 hours
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Videographer

Planning a surprise proposal in Cleveland or anywhere else in the world?

Start by brainstorming ideas and choosing a meaningful date, time, and location. Contact us, tell us about your vision, check our availability. Coordinate the plan, set up communication signals. On the proposal day, follow the plan, allowing us to capture candid shots of the special moment. Afterward, we’ll transitioning into an engagement photoshoot. Share your joyous moment with loved ones.

Brainstorm Ideas

Begin by thinking about your partner’s interests, favorite places, and meaningful moments in your relationship.

Coordinate with us

Share your proposal plan. Describe the location, how you envision the proposal unfolding.

Execution of the Proposal

As the proposal unfolds, follow the plan you’ve discussed with us. Be sure to act natural and remain focused on your partner.

Engagement Session

It is now time to transition into an engagement photoshoot. This is an opportunity to take more posed and creative shots to celebrate your engagement.