Last month, we captured a moment that will be remembered forever in the lives of Amy and Peter. Peter proposed to Amy, and she said “yes.” As a dedicated Cleveland photographer and videographer, I collaborated with Peter a week before to meticulously plan the event. On the day, I was ready with my camera, while Serhii, my trusted partner, stood by with his video gear.

Family and friends gathered around, their faces lit with anticipation. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy. Kiarra, a talented violinist, played soft, haunting melodies, setting the perfect backdrop for the proposal. When Peter asked the question, Amy’s tears of happiness spoke volumes. It was a moment of raw, pure emotion that we were honored to capture.

After Amy agreed to share her life with Peter, we transitioned to a photo session. The clean and fresh photography style we employ truly highlighted their beauty, joy, laughter, and tears. Every shot was a testament to their love and commitment. Below are some highlights in photos and the video of the event, showcasing the essence of engagement photography in Cleveland, Ohio.

Capturing such intimate moments is what we, as Cleveland photographers and videographers, strive for. The engagement of Amy and Peter is a beautiful story told through our lenses, reflecting our passion for clean and fresh photography. Whether it’s a proposal, an engagement session, or any special occasion, we are here to preserve your memories in the most stunning way possible.

Below are some highlights video of the event. Witness the love and joy of Amy and Peter through our lens:

Engagement Session Locations

Cleveland Photographer: Capturing Amy and Peter’s Engagement

Discover the beautiful engagement photography of Amy and Peter in Cleveland, Ohio. Our clean and fresh photography style captures every precious moment.


1. What makes your engagement photography style unique in Cleveland? Our clean and fresh photography style focuses on capturing raw, pure emotions, ensuring every moment is preserved beautifully.

2. How do you plan for a surprise proposal shoot? We collaborate closely with the proposer to meticulously plan every detail, ensuring we capture the perfect moment without any hitches.

3. Can you provide both photography and videography services for engagements? Yes, we offer comprehensive photography and videography services to capture every angle of your special day.

4. What should couples expect during an engagement photo session? Couples can expect a relaxed and enjoyable session where we capture their natural interactions, joy, and love.

5. How can we book your services for our engagement in Cleveland? You can contact us through our website or call us directly to schedule a consultation and book your engagement photography session.

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