Concert Photography and Event Photography – An Enjoyable Experience for any photographer!

A wonderful opportunity for some concert photography was this week in Loudonville, Ohio. Photographing concert, operas, theater and performances on stage is always a thrilling task. First, there is always plenty of awesome artistry and creative expressions to photograph. It is not a secret that each concert and event on stage is filled with emotionally charged moments. Good actors and actresses are able to relive the moments, express them and deliver to the audience. An event photographer feels like a fisherman when the fish just jumps in your boat. The only consideration becomes a technical concern with light. Some stages are poorly lit, and in order to avoid grainy or blurry images, an event photographer needs to anticipate the moment in which the subject is relatively still, so the images still come out sharp regardless of the slower shutter speed. Using higher ISO is also an option, but then the event photographer runs the risk of making grainy images with poor color reproduction.

Second, the sets can be everything we wish life was. Clean, creative, stunning, dramatic, musical, and whimsical. Photographing in a situation where everything is set up for you – is a cakewalk for a photographer. This week, Phantom of the Opera excerpt performance by Julie Anna Crookston and Matthew Young was a real treat for the whole Loudonville community, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph that concert.

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