Molly and David’s late summer wedding day was simply magical. All the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted well before we arrived at Mooreland Mansion early in the afternoon. Everyone was early, dressed on time, and happy for this wedding day. When Molly walked down the grand staircase in her satin tiered wedding gown for pre-ceremony portraits, her father was already there waiting to greet her. With a beaming grin, a big hug, and a few sneaky tears, the day was off to a perfect start.
As we readied for the ceremony in the Rose Garden, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds for bright and sunny memories. Molly’s man of honor, Charleone, was on double duty as officiant. He recounted the couple’s journey to their wedding day and performed a hand-fasting ceremony, in which the couple’s hands were bound with a blue satin ribbon to signify their commitment to one another.
By the time we were ready for family photos, the sun had crested the treetops, creating gorgeous soft light. We caught some sweet moments with Molly and David in the gardens and the apple orchard before heading back up the hill to the reception.
Dinner was hosted in an elegant and cozy corner dining room. Regal sconce lighting, candles, and the glow of sunset creates a wonderful atmosphere in the room, When it was time for toasts, man of honor Charleone talked about his first encounter with Molly—the charming and assertive young woman on the hunt for a job, her father Bob officially welcomed David into the family, and her mother Cathy added up the 32,000 miles that all of guests had travelled to celebrate this special day. Everyone went to great lengths to celebrate these two.
Everyone agrees that Molly and David are special individuals and an even more remarkable pair. May they make beautiful masterpieces in the kitchen and in the story that is their life together.