Perhaps there is nothing quicker to dampen the joy of a wedding day than the forecast of a 100% chance of rain all day. That could have been the case for Alina and Matt—the rain was beating down on our entire drive to Gervasi Vineyard in Canton and the radar looked devastating. However, our radiant bride was hopeful and prayerful that the day would be perfect. As if we had planned it, the rain ceased and the sun peaked out brilliantly from behind the clouds just in time for our first look with Alina and Matt! Excitement climbed as the soggy morning turned into the perfect day for these two.

The outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch—from the harp and cello duo that set the scene to the dramatic sky and freshly-watered greenery that surrounded the affair and were an effortless backdrop.

The reception then began! Everyone headed into the Pavilion, ornately designed to transport its occupants to the Tuscan countryside. Freshly pressed cream table linens and clear vases of long-stemmed white roses were the most elegant decor! Each guest was greeted at their seat by a small box of assorted sweets, including some Ukrainian chocolates to offer a taste of home, where Alina’s family was born.

While guests enjoyed the party and spectacular Gervasi wine selection, we made our way around the vineyard grounds for photos with the bridal party and Alina and Matthew. All that was left of the rain was a lone barrel lid, covered in water, which we used to catch the reflection of this stunning couple!

Then it was time for toasts! When the father of the groom stood up to offer his good wishes and advice for his son and new daughter-in-law, he unleashed a pages-long scroll, to represent all the love he has for them and to express all that they would learn and grow to become on their journey together. (And the pages spelled out “awesome” on the back!)

One most remarkable theme of the day was family! Both Alina and Matthew’s families were incredibly committed to giving these two the perfect day—working to decorate the hall, coordinate the schedule, and ready to be a helping hand at a moment’s notice. When the hard work was done and everyone was ready to celebrate, the dance floor flooded with people and spectacular dance moves all the way to the sunset and sparkler sendoff!

After returning for a few last photos at dusk, we said goodbye to Alina and Matt and once again thanked the heavens for this perfect weather and unforgettable wedding day.

We hope your marriage, just like your wedding day, is surrounded by love and full of pleasant surprises and sunny days!!