Yevhen + Julie

Yevhen was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Julie is a native of northeast Ohio. Long before they met, both were captivated by the potential power within a single piece of art and its story. The same goes for a photograph. Yevhen and Julie fell in love in 2011, and, after just one date, began photographing weddings together. Yevhen brings a fine-tuned technical eye and European artistic vision to the team’s work, while Julie always keeps an eye on the action and has a hand in lighting up many of the moments they photograph. They are passionate about capturing relationships and life in crisp and vibrant images full of emotional intensity, subtle detail, and the context that makes them uniquely yours.

Yevhen has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in theology, and Julie received her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Oberlin Conservatory. They both grew up making music–Julie grew up singing in choirs and performing in musicals and Yevhen grew up playing piano, guitar, and accordion.  Julie is passionate about introducing people to live opera and regularly hosts weeknight Opera Night evenings at wineries and restaurants across Northeast Ohio. Julie and Yevhen now bring all the creativity and fine technical focus from their early days in music to their photography.

The Moment Lives On…

Storytelling connects humans across generations and all of history. The overwhelming power of a photograph to tell a story and bring people together is what fuels our work. We are each a human with an artist’s brush and a lifetime of experiences to paint, one single stroke at a time. At Human Artist Photography, we set out to capture a few of the brush strokes that make your life’s painting a monumental, beautiful story worth treasuring for a lifetime and beyond.

“There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer.”


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Our goal is to create beautiful and timeless images that you and your family can treasure. While we take a photojournalistic approach to capturing wedding days, we absolutely believe there are moments when guided posing and direction will lead to artwork that you’ll want to look at over and over again.

Our Style + Service

Your questions answered–we hope you learn more about our style, services, and business logistics.
Whether or not we answer your most important questions below, feel free to contact us.


Complete experience with Human Artist Photography begins at $3800. We offer all inclusive wedding photography packages and provide more personalized approach for your wedding day photography. Couples on average invest $4500 – $5800.

Please contact us to set up an appointment to learn more about wedding collections and albums we offer you.

There are many choices you make while planning your wedding day, photography, however is the choice you’ll live with forever!

Families, events and high school senior sessions are available upon request.
At Human Artist Photography we cover weddings in journalistic style. However, we do not think the wedding photography should be circumscribed by a certain genre. While Yevhen, our main photographer, is unobtrusive throughout the coverage of your wedding day, we believe there might also be a time for some casually posed portrait images of the wedding couple together.
Yes, we do take formal family portraits. After all, for many this is one of the rare opportunities at which the whole or most of the extended family gathers together. We encourage the couple to think of the groupings for the posed family images a few weeks before the wedding. Please remember that the signature of our coverage is photo-journalistic and a very long list of groupings might prevent from covering the event in a documentary fashion. We suggest that the list of groupings does not go beyond twelve (if possible).
Yes. The assistant photographer does everything from photographing to assisting with off camera lighting and more. Great results require additional gear, so having an assistant is critical to producing beautiful images. It is also good to see your ceremony from different angles. All of our wedding collections include an assistant photographer.
After we cull, color correct and edit the images, you get the selected high resolution files. We do retain the copyrights to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, professional review, blog and so on. If you wish, we are glad to provide a written release that will allow you to reproduce the images for your personal but not commercial use (prints for friends and families).

We deliver the finished product to our clients. Taking the image is only doing half of all the work. The raw files remain incomplete if they are unedited. You get finished images in high resolution format. Therefore no RAW files will be provided.

Yes. The weding books are included in all of our wedding collections. The book is a very important part of our service. We design and process the albums with high standards to ensure you get your memories preserved for generations. Your album will be in a form of a modern book, where the images are printed directly on the pages like in a coffee table book you’d buy in a store. Find out more about our approach to wedding books here

We strongly encourage the engagement photo sessions. In fact, we include them in most of our packages. At Human Artist Photography we try to make our engagement sessions as fun as we can. This is also the time when we learn how to work with each other: you see how the photographer gives directions, learn about tips and tricks on what makes a better photo. Think of it as a rehearsal before your wedding day portraits. In the end, you get beautiful casual images of you and your fiance. Those you can use for “save the date” cards, wedding invitations, guest signature book, wedding web site, or simply print and hang the artwork above the fireplace in your home.
We use top of the line Nikon equipment and backups. We also use a variety of lighting systems and reflectors throughout the day.
I am sorry, but we cannot hold the date or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone we cannot hold the date without a retainer and a signed contract. We accept bookings on a first come/first serve basis.
To reserve your wedding date we accept $500 retainer’s fee which goes towards your full amount. The full amount is due one month before your wedding day.
As soon as possible. Since we cannot hold the date and operate on first come/first serve basis, dates are booked when they are booked. Most of our commissions contract us within a year of the wedding date. Some weddings are booked as close as a month prior, and some a full calendar year or even more in advance.
We provide a full day coverage and stay for all important moments of your day. No need to worry about running overtime!

Occasionally discounts are available for off season and non-saturday events. It depends on the availability. If you have concerns about your budget, please contact us and let us know.

It would be very lovely if you did. Feeding us ensures we stay cheerful and don’t faint from starvation – after all, we work for ten plus hours. We want to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards, because when you are done eating all the moments that we would like to photograph start happening.

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