Shanna and Jeff had the winter wedding of the century. Not only did we have 8-inches of smooth, frosted snow on the hilltops of Mapleside Farms, but clear blue skies, a burning orange sunset, and 45-degree temperatures. Anyone from the Midwest United States knows that this scenario happens perhaps once a year.
We’ve awaited Shanna and Jeff’s wedding day since their summer engagement photo session at Edgewater Park just months prior. A kind and easy-going team (except when their tearing up the volleyball court), Shanna and Jeff share a chemistry that’s fun to witness.
Right from the start, January 20 was absolutely beautiful. We arrived to Shanna’s hotel room to a host of excited bridesmaids in cozy flannels (perfect gift for a winter wedding date). Shanna couldn’t hold her happy tears in when she read her wedding-day letter from her husband-to-be and put on the beautiful diamond stud earrings he had bought especially for this day. And everyone watched—full of love and support! We couldn’t get enough of the energy in the air!!!
We met Jeff and his best man and brother Joe, as well as the rest of his family and friends, as they finished getting ready at Mapleside Farms. We will never forget how proud and happy Jeff’s Mom was to see her son all dressed up and ready to start a new life. She watched on as we photographed his portraits and was eager to help him with all the finishing touches. (And she bakes amazing cookies, as we learned later at the dessert table!!)
The day continued in this perfect and joyful fashion all day as Shanna—absolutely radiant in her wedding gown—walked through the barn doors and up the isle with her father, as the bridal party dared to trudge through the snow in leather shoes and strappy stilettos for a photo with the view, as Shanna and Jeff patiently endured the cold so we could all have the photos they envisioned from this beautiful wintry scene, and as we all danced the night away.
Shanna and Jeff’s wedding was, without a doubt, surrounded with as much joy and support and excitement, as we have ever witnessed on a wedding day. And everything from the golden glittered pinecone placecard holders to the centerpieces of dried hydrangeas and framed photos capturing different moments from Shanna and Jeff’s relationship was masterfully planned and executed. That doesn’t happen without the A team.
Shanna and Jeff, we wish you and your family all the best! Keep that beautiful bliss and earnest love always!