human artist photography 900 HOW TO LOOK GREAT IN YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS

Much planning, effort and preparation goes into creating  the perfect wedding day. We spend months, years, sometimes our entire lives envisioning our own version of “perfect”! But let me tell you a secret – it is already perfect! If you have spent any time planning and getting professional advice, your wedding day is perfect in and of itself, because what matters most is the birth, the genesis, of a new relationship that starts that day and the celebration it brings. I am not necessarily referring to the celebration with cocktails and food, though that too is important, but most importantly to the celebration that comes from within your heart – the joy, the happiness, and the sense of new purpose. As ancient wisdom says: “two are better than one.”

Needless to say, marriage is a life changing decision! The journey starts with a proclamation, also known as the wedding! Anything worth remembering is documented, embellished, retold and passed down for generations to come, and your wedding day certainly qualifies. Yes, well-captured photography crafted into a beautifully bound story book that tells the tale of your wedding day is important in preserving your memories! So below are a few tips on how to look great in your wedding day photos:

Relax and enjoy the day

Tensions, worries, and concerns effect how you look. Some of the most successful photos we’ve made were snapped when the bride and groom were relaxed and comfortable. The most photogenic people are not necessarily the most attractive ones. If you are comfortable with the camera your images will appear genuine and attractive! Communicating with your photographer will make your images appear less posed and more natural.     

Avoid double chin

Lower your shoulders and project your chin forward a little to avoid a double chin. This is a great technique to make your neck look longer and more elegant. It might feel a little awkward at first, but trust me, you’ll have a long, slender neck in the photo. Also, try leaning forward a little from the waist up to make  your eyes appear larger.

Choose the right time for your session

If you are planning to take your wedding day photos in the park, avoid taking them at noon. This is when the sun is its harshest and shines right overhead, making you squint. Morning or late afternoon times are best because this is when the softer rays of sunlight shine from the side, creating wonderful dimension in your images.

Practice your smiling

What? Yes, practice your smiling. If any of you have ever taken a selfie, you know what it involves. One might think it’s just a snap, but no, it can take at least 20 snaps before the right one comes out. But the more you do it, the better you are at it. Why? Muscle memory! The more you like your smile, the more natural you look – it’s important to be comfortable and own your smile! Find a photo of yourself that you really like, and mimic the expression and smile in that photo. The more you do it, the more natural it’ll feel. And if you’ve ever been complimented on looking like a certain celebrity, try imitating that celebrity’s  smile and see where it takes you. I’m sure celebrities practice smiling too!

Choose the right location

Find a spot where you’ll both feel comfortable. It is good to have a location that combines several different elements such as nature, rustic architecture, and modern design in a close vicinity. This allows for a better variety and sparks creativity. Trying different locations is also a good idea. It is hard to explain, but every location effects our moods and emotions differently, and those contrasts are reflected in the images.

Hair and make-up trial

It might be a good idea to have a wedding hair and make-up trial on the day of your engagement session so your stylist can help you find your best look for the camera and you can practice looking your best!

Breath in

When you hug or kiss, take a deep breath and hold. This will allow you to enjoy the moment and make that already romantic moment appear even more romantic and flawless!

Make sure you like your photographer

It is super important that you enjoy working with your wedding photographer. Connecting with the person behind the camera will make you feel extra comfortable and confident in front of the camera! If you and your photographer enjoy working together, there is a chance that you will enjoy the photos that result even more! Your photographer will be by your side capturing the moments of your entire wedding day, so it is important that you choose someone that you enjoy having around!


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