Alisa and Ryan Chicago Engagement Session

We could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend in which to discover Chicago! The Windy City was beautiful and buzzing as natives and newcomers flocked to the restaurants, beaches, parks, and landmarks—soaking up the sun and indulging in the city’s boundless offerings. We also explored many of those sites, but with a different goal in mind: an engagement photo session with Alisa and Ryan. Alisa, a Clevelander, and Ryan, a lifelong Chicago native, are in the midst of planning their dream Cleveland wedding day in Cleveland, Ohio, so we took the opportunity to meet them where their lives have taken them—downtown Chicago. 

Hard-working, fun, caring and charismatic, Alisa and Ryan make a great team. We visited the historic Chicago Water Tower, the Fourth Presbyterian Church, the glimmering lakefront, and some gorgeous infrastructure and bustling streets. A special thank you to Ryan’s dad, Brent, who chauffeured us and our gear all around the city all afternoon. We loved photographing Alisa and Ryan together and learned so much about their beautiful hometown. 

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