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Based in Cleveland, Ohio and serve Cleveland, Akron and all North East Ohio!

Our images are simple. Regardless of simplicity we believe the images should in great measure show who you are as a person, the relationships and the simple nuances of life.

Our images are about people in their special moments, a combination of fine art and real life journalism in a carefully crafted imagery.  It is our big priority to provide the bride and the groom with the illustrated story of their wedding day.

Life is a big picture composed of little pieces. No doubt that the wedding day is one of the brightest pieces in that big picture of life and the one well worth preserving. This is what we do with our photography: preserving pieces of our lives.



Yevhen – Principal Photographer

My interest in photography was uncovered when I emotionally responded to an image. It was the picture of a bride embracing her husband in the rain. Instantaneously, the emotional charge from that captivating image sent electricity running down my spine. At that very moment I realized a few things about myself.

First, it was the fact that I emotionally responded to a picture!!! This proves that a single image can capture incredible experience and endless emotion. Second, I realized that I wanted to create images like that. I wanted to preserve emotionally charged moments of our lives. Most certainly those moments can be found among the people who start their journey of sharing each other in love.

Julie – Photographer

Beauty is everywhere, it surrounds us. But it can only be found by the one who searches for it. While I have always enjoyed a passive intake of the beauty that surrounds our world, only in recent years and through my experiences as a wedding photographer have I become an active seeker. Being brought to tears at the sight of a proud father embracing his little girl as they walk down the isle together, watching a couple that has shared an eleven year journey together take their first look, or witnessing the love between two people who have overcome all odds, proves the power of beautiful moments and beautiful emotions. This beauty that fills a wedding day inspires me, and having the opportunity to search for all of it and capture it forever in a photo is such a magical thing and an unbelievable blessing!